HVAC Repair in the Time of COVID

When your air conditioner system stops working during summer, getting HVAC repair in NJ during COVID can be rather tricky. I had that problem last summer and I was pleased that my experience was not as challenging as I expected. I was able to locate a company that was able to send a technician within 24 hours.

I was concerned that the technician could possibly bring the COVID virus to my home, but I was given a complete list of steps that the HVAC company was engaging in to ensure that all clients are safe.The technician arrived at the agreed upon time and he was very professional. He surveyed the outside unit and then he ent into the attic and inspected the unit there. All during this time, he informed me of all the steps he was taking to identify the problem. Once he located the problem, He then explained to me what steps will be taken to correct it. I agreed and he went about getting the job done in record time.

Upon completion of the HVAC repair, the technician asked if he could geive me some suggestions about how to keep the HVAC system in best working condition. We had a conversation and he outlined a maintenance agreement for apptoximately $20.00 per month and comes with one annual insoection. I thought that this would help me have peace of mind going forward. I was so happy with the job he did that I signed a maintenance agreement with the company.

I have since told several people how safe I felt and how efficient the technician was. I am no longer concerned that getting that type of service in NY during the time of COVID is a challenge as the company reassured me that they go above and beyond for the safety of thier customers.