Losing My Perfect Spot to Relax

I recently purchased a new home. The land was gorgeous. There were trees shading much of the property. They gave the perfect coverage for sitting outside in the summer. I loved going out to my favorite spot on a bench with a glass of lemonade and a good book. That’s where I could usually be found when the weather was nice.

One storm ruined my spot and had me searching for tree services in Asheville NC. A bad summer storm came through our town last year. It brought strong winds and a major rainfall. I wasn’t too worried as the storms happen a lot but move quickly. As the strom raged on, I noticed my favorite tree was bending a lot. I kept an eye on it and to my horror, I watched a huge branch fall. It crushed my bench and almost caught my fence. By the time the storm was over, branches were everywhere.

I called a tree service and they came out soon after the storm passed. They chopped and removed all of the fallen limbs. A man checked the tree and told me it was diseased and would likely cause more problems in the future. We decided the best option was to remove it and have the stump ground down. He checked the other trees and said the others look healthy and should be fine for a while.

While I love my trees, I don’t know how to tell if they are healthy. I’m now learning the signs to watch for to make sure they aren’t getting sick or dying. I don’t want another storm to come through and cause more damage that can be prevented. I do miss my spot to relax but I will have to find another after I buy a new bench.

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